PuffleServices.COM Mail Policy

By sending mail or causing mail to be sent to or through PuffleServices.COM, you accept the terms and conditions contained herein.

You agree to pay the owners of PuffleServices.COM US$5000 for each violation of this policy!

You agree not to use PuffleServices.COM computer and network facilities for the purpose of transmitting unsolicited commercial advertising electronic mail or solicitations for contributions or any communication with forged or inaccurate envelope or header information to any user or account on or through PuffleServices.COM machines. Such prohibited email is hereinafter referred to as spam. Appearance of any addresses on these pages does *NOT* constitute solicitation of spam. You agree that the sending of spam, or causing spam to be sent, to or through PuffleServices.COM, directly or indirectly, is a theft of the resources (e.g. bandwidth, processing, and storage, and most importantly human time) of PuffleServices.COM and its users.

You agree that sending or attempting to send spam to or through PuffleServices.COM will allow us to request that your ISP terminate your Internet service.

You agree that your IP address, return address, and mail message may be submitted to external internet services for any purpose, including, without restriction, the Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse.

You agree that the IP address(es) used to send mail to PuffleServices.COM may be tested for willingness to relay mail in violation of RFC2505. You agree that if your SMTP server fails this test, your IP address may be listed in various Internet open relay databases.

You agree that mail sent to or through PuffleServices.COM becomes the property of the recipient, except by prior written agreement of the recipient. It may be saved, forwarded, posted, or otherwise used by the recipient in any manner the recipient chooses.

You agree not to sell, offer to sell, transfer, exchange, license, list, or otherwise use PuffleServices.COM addresses for commercial purposes. This provision does not apply to the owners of PuffleServices.COM or its users. You also agree not to sell, offer to sell, transfer, exchange, license, list, or otherwise use our phone numbers or residence addresses for commercial purposes.

PuffleServices.COM does not send spam. Any violations of this policy should be reported to <abuse2021 at puffleservices.com>.

PuffleServices.COM refuses mail from open relays, dial-up accounts, and known spammer sites. We use the databases at the following sites for filtering:

Please make sure your IP address is clear at the above sites.

We also reject mail from Argentina, Brazil, China, Korea, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic, and many our countries. The rejection message will give a URL you may use to request an exemption.

In addition, we refuse mail identified as bulk mail by the Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse.

We thank the above sites for the valuable service they provide.

In addition, we maintain our own blacklist of sites from which PuffleServices.COM has received spam. If your mail to PuffleServices.COM has been blocked, and your site is not on the above lists, you may petition to have your site removed from our blacklist by sending mail to <postmaster at puffleservices.com>. You will of course need to send your request from a legitimate address.

In addition, we refuse to accept mail from free mail sites unless the sender has registered to send mail to PuffleServices.COM. You may register here. Free mail sites include hotmail, yahoo, and gmail.

Mail sent to junk@puffleservices.com will cause the sender to be automatically added to our blacklist. This is not a solicitation to accept offers at this address; we still reserve the right to charge US$5000 for such messages. You have been warned!

Occasionally our spam defenses will reject legitimate mail to a PuffleServices.COM recipient. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. Please let us know at <postmaster at puffleservices.com> if this occurs.

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